BELKİM KİMYEVİ MADDELER TİC. ve SAN. A.Ş. started to operate with fully automated and computer controlled facilities equipped with the latest technology in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone in 1997. BELKİM today supplies 200 different products under 12 different product groups with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality and continues R&D studies for new products and product groups. BELKİM product portfolio includes detergents, disinfectants and cosmetic products that are licensed by the Ministry of Health, Turkish Public Health Institution, the General Directorate of Pharmaceuticals of Ministry of Health respectively. And all relevant products are certified with Halal certificate. Our company is a member of Food Safety Association, and ÇEVKO Foundation (Green Dot Recycling). Food safety and environmental studies are carried out with these organizations. Our company started to be the distributor of Swedish company LAGAFORS since 2009 which produces professional cleaning systems, UK company Hill Brush since 2012, and Spanish company Itram since 2015 which is specialized in the detection and removal of bio film. Our aim as BELKİM is to provide rational solutions for our customers’ needs and to contribute to the improvement in hygiene practices by generating hygiene systems. Our company provides products; equipment, training and after-sales technical support service to its customers, and makes hygienic practices easier, efficient and economical solution. BELKİM continues its efforts to achieve its goals without compromising customer satisfaction.