Flour and Bakery Products

Grains, which have been the most important carbohydrate source for human nutrition from past to present, and the products produced from them have an important place in our daily nutrition. Flour and bakery products are divided into two groups: fresh and dry. Dry bakery products: They can be stored for a long time, have a crunchy, hygroscopic structure and are sensitive to oxidation and light. As for fresh products: They can be stored for a medium period of time, they may lose their taste and smell, their outer surfaces can dry out and they are sensitive to microbial changes.

Having a wide product range consisting of dosing systems and cleaning equipment along with effective chemicals formulated for the bakery products industry, which has an important place in the daily nutrition routine, we as Belkim are at your service with suitable solution suggestions for every process, thanks to our expert team and R&D experience.