Dear All,

     Providing high value-added products and services for customers in industrial hygiene chemicals, application equipment and systems, Belkim carries out important work on business continuity by meeting the requirements of the information age. While our company follows the rapid change in information and communication technologies, it also pays great attention to data security. Continuing to improve efficiency for a sustainable future, our company strives to fulfill all technical and administrative measures in the best possible way to comply with national and international laws regarding data security.

     Our company has established our Information Security Management System (ISMS) and Personal Data Security Management System. In this context, we are constantly improving our measures regarding data security.  We have shared our data security policies and information texts with all our valued addresses on our website. When necessary, we will be able to update our disclosure texts and information security policies and announce them to you here.    

      If you notify us of any misleading e-mails, SMS or misleading phone calls that may be sent or made to you on behalf of our company at any time, we will immediately take legal and administrative measures and ensure that business continuity continues safely.


Information Disclosure Texts

  • Disclosure Text for Customers

  • Disclosure Text for Suppliers

  • Disclosure Text for Potential Employees

  • Disclosure Text on Camera Recording

  • Disclosure Text for Visitors and Guests

  • Disclosure Text on Cookies

  • Disclosure Text for Employees

  • Disclosure Text for Auditors and Experts

Policies and Procedures

  • Information Security Policy

  • General Rules Regarding PDPL

  • Personal Data Safety and Management Policy

Data Security Legislation

  • Personal Data Protection Law

  • Principles and Procedures Regarding Disclosure Text

  • Procedures and Principles for Application to the Data Controller

  • Data Protection Law (DPL)

Application Form

  • Law on Protection of Personal Data


  • Board Decision Summary