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BELKIM contributes to efficiency by ensuring that the filling lines work at the maximum speed with the conveyor lubricant products specially developed for use in beverage and dairy industries. The belt lubricants reduce surface tension, prevent the wear of conveyors, prolong the life of equipment and prevent packaging tipping.

Maestrowin BNT General Purpose Synthetic Conveyor Lubricant

Maestrowin BNT is a synthetic belt lubricant that can be used in all kinds of packaging in bottle filling facilities and packaging units in beverage industry. It is used safely in all kinds of water hardness.

Maestrowin NG Silicone Based Conveyor Lubricant

Maestrowin NG is silicone based lubricant for pet bottles and carton packages in food and beverage industry.

Maestrowin DRYLUB Dry Lubricant

Maestrowin DRYLUB is a dry belt lubricant used on the conveyors. It can be used to pet, tin box, glass and cardboard packaging belts in food and beverage industry. It provides excellent lubrication reducing friction between package and conveyor belts. It allows conveyors to run dry, it decreases water usage, effluent discharge volumes and reduces the risk water borne micro-organisms.