Personal Hygiene Products

BELKIM helps to provide personal hygiene with hand soaps, antibacterial soaps and hand disinfection products to prevent cross contamination in kitchen and production areas for use in food industry, hospitals, schools, industry, public institutions and all other related enterprises.

Maestrowin 480 Hand soap

Maestrowin 480 is fragrant hand washing liquid. It is especially suitable for use in areas where frequent handwashing required.

Maestrowin 680 Heavy dirt and soil removing hand soap

Maestrowin 680 is a perfumed handwashing product which effectively removes heavily soling and fat from hands. It is especially suitable for industries.

Maestrowin 800 Hygienic Hand Liquid without Alcohol

Maestrowin 800 is a non-alcoholic, cationic-based hygienic hand liquid used in food industry and other enterprises. It is effective against bacteria and soften, protects the hands with moisturizing formula.

Maestrowin 280 FOAM Foam soap

Maestrowin 280 FOAM is fragrant foam soap with aspect of a gentle on skin cosmetic appropriates. It can be used in all enterprises.

Maestrowin 780 Antibacterial Hand Soap

Maestrowin 780 is an odourless lactic acid based antibacterial liquid hand soap that can be used in all enterprises, especially in the food sector. It provides protection against bacteria. Biological degradability is over 80%.

Maestrowin D/500 Antibacterial Hand Soap

Maestrowin D/500 is an odourless chlorhexidine based antibacterial liquid hand soap that can be used in all enterprises.