After Milking Products

BELKiM agriculture hygiene products improve raw milk quality by providing integrated complete hygiene solutions that include personnel hygiene, pre-and post-milking udder hygiene, milking equipment cleaning&disinfection, tank hygiene, environment and shelter hygiene in, milk farms, milk production areas and milk collection centres.

Vetguard PV 30 concentrated iodine-based teat care solution

Vetguard PV 30 contains is teat spray product which contains a high PVP iodine used after milking

Vetguard IO DRY PV film-forming iodine-based teat disinfectant

Vetguard IO DRY PV is a film-forming teat dip for use after milking to prevent the mastitis. It contains smoothing and moisturising ingredients that ensure healthy teat skin.

Vetguard HEG 4 chlorhexidine based teat spray

Vetguard HEG4 is chlorhexidine-based, ready to use, after milking teat spray.

Vetguard LA DIP Lactic Acid Based teat dip

VETGUARD LA DIP is lactic acid/salicylic acid based teat dip for after milking which has film forming formula. The product improves milking hygiene and reduces the risk of spreading pathogenic microorganisms.