Equipment Hygiene Products

Milking systems and equipment are the first place where milk meets microorganisms after milking. The milking equipment which is not properly washed and disinfected increases the risk of contamination in raw milk and causes teat infections (mastitis).

Vetguard 386 acidic cleaner for milking machines

Vetguard 386 is an effective acidic cleaning product that dissolves lime residues formed in equipments in the milk industry. It is used in containers, filters, milking heads, milking machines, integrated milking systems and milk storage tanks. It provides one-stage cleaning by dissolving fats and proteins.

Vetguard CL-41 Chlorinated Cleaner for Milking Machines

Vetguard CL41 is used to remove organic contaminants such as protein and oils in milking systems and equipment. It breaks down proteins and provides cleaning and hygiene in one step with its special formula. It is not suitable for aluminium, galvanized and brass surfaces.

Maestrowin LIT Acidic CIP liquid for integrated milking systems

Maestrowin LIT is a highly acidic CIP cleaning liquid for cleaning residues such as lime and protein stone in the food, beverage and dairy industries.

Maestrowin 99 Chlorinated Foaming cleaner and disinfectant

Maestrowin 99 is a chlorinated foaming, alkaline cleaning and disinfection liquid used in daily cleaning of all surfaces and equipment in in food, beverage and dairy industries. It is not suitable for aluminium, galvanized and brass surfaces.

Maestrowin RC alkaline CIP liquid

Maestrowin RC is an alkaline, foam-free CIP product used in food, especially milk and soft drinks industry, for cleaning soil and protein accumulated in closed system, tools and equipment. It also can be used for bottle washing and spray washing