Shelter and Poultry Hygiene Products

Vetguard shelter hygiene products protect animals from diseases and increase the productivity by generating hygienic living areas. In order to lower the number of microorganisms to an acceptable level it is very important that surfaces in poultry stables, cow and calf sheds are thoroughly washed and disinfected regularly.

Vetguard PA 50 shelter cleaning fluid with peracetic acid content

Vetguard PA 50 is a peracetic acid based, foaming cleaning liquid used in animal shelters, beds, environment and floors.

Vetguard FT/2 Glutaraldehyde based cleaning liquid

Vetguard FT/2 is a foaming cleaning liquid specially developed for veterinary industry, with a wide spectrum of activity, containing glutaraldehyde and quaternary ammonium compounds (QAC).

Vetguard GDA 20 glutaraldehyde based disinfectant

Vetguard GDA 20 is a glutalerdehite and quarter ammonium based disinfectant used in cleaning of animal shelters, beds, environment and floors.

Vetguard F 458 Iodine Based surface Cleaning liquid

Vetguard F/458 is an iodine based cleaning liquid which is used in cleaning animal shelters, beds, environment and floors.

Maestrowin HD/35 hydrogen peroxide liquid

Maestrowin HD/35 is %35 hydrogen peroxide liquid used for washing calf bottles.