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Professional Washing Systems

Lagafors Central Cleaning System, CCS, enables the food industry to obtain ultimate hygiene at reduced cost and environmental impact, in a good working setting. The CCS is made up of five main components that together meet high demands for capacity, performance and quality.

Lagafors’ new logging system, LogTrace System, was developed to help our customers manage their cleaning processes, ensure traceability, provide a system of metrics for critical parameters, including alarm features, as well as documentation. This product is comprised of logging pipes equipped with meters and sensors, as well as a data-gathering unit and wireless internet connection.

The new Lagafors Decentralized Cleaning System, DCS, helps companies in the food industry achieve first-class hygiene while at the same time delivering flexibility in the cleaning process. The DCS cleaning system is comprised of four main components that together comply with the highest capacity, performance and quality standards.

Lagafors Low Water Pressure Mobile, LWP-M II 2030, is a complete mobile cleaning equipment for flushing with pressurised water and application of chemical foam and disinfectant. The LWP-M II is built on a stainless steel frame with two rear pivot wheels for smooth and efficient movement.

The Lagafors Automatic Cleaning System, ACS, consists of a controller unit and valve units for water, chemical and disinfectant solutions. The system is designed for automatic cleaning of all types of conveyor belts, elevator belts etc. The ACS unit is module-based and can control the cleaning of 5-30 different objects.

A complete range of peripherals Lagafors systems and products. pressure hoses, and food-grade hoses. Assembled with ball valve / spray gun and nipple for connection to the VMS satellite. Our specially selected hose reels as well as functional and comfortable spray gun, which is a prerequisite for performing effective cleaning process.

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