As BELKİM Kimyevi Maddeler, carrying out production activities in the Industrial Hygiene Sector, our aim is to minimize our environmental impact while producing to achieve our vision.

  • We structure, certify and ensure the continuity of our Environmental Management System, taking into account the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard, legal and other conditions, the requirements of the affiliated organizations and the expectations of the relevant parties.
  • We periodically evaluate our environmental risks and opportunities and work for continuous improvement.
  • We try to minimize our use of natural resources and waste and prevent pollution throughout the life cycle of the product, starting from the design phase.
  • We ensure that waste is minimized at its source, reused and recycled whenever possible and unusable waste is disposed of with appropriate methods.
  • We work to raise awareness on natural resource use, environment and waste management, starting from purchasing to the end user.