Laundry Hygiene Products

BELKiM’s laundry hygiene products are developed specifically for use in hotel, hospital, restaurant, food industry and all other related businesses. BELKiM’s laundry products are easily soluble in water, effectively clean stubborn stains on the laundry and preserve the colours. Our automatic dosing system controls product consumption and increases washing peroformance.

Maestrowin LDR laundry washing detergent

Maestrowin LDR is the washing detergent developed specifically for professional laundry. It is successfully used for washing hotel laundry, restaurant linen, and hospital, work clothes. It is used safely in all water conditions. It effectively removes protein and fat-based stains, such as blood and nutrient stains.

Maestrowin NOVATEX dirt and blood Remover auxiliary washing agent

Maestrowin NOVATEX is dirt and blood remover additive used with washing detergent at commercial laundry facilities, especially at hospitals, hotels, restaurants for aprons, roll towels, mop materials. The complex structure reduces water hardness and traps the dirt into the washing water this prevents greyness in laundry.

Maestrowin NOVASOFT Laundry Softener

Maestrowin NOVASOFT is laundry softener with a pleasant fragrance used safely in all laundries. It provides an extra softness by removing static electrification. It also leaves a long lasting and pleasant scent in the laundry with its special fragrance. It makes ironing process easier thanks to the softness it provides in the laundry.

Maestrowin NOVACAL Chlorine based bleach for laundry

Maestrowin NOVACAL is a chlorine-based bleaching liquid specially developed for use in commercial laundry, hotel and hospital laundry and similar establishments. It helps remove strong stains, removes bad odours, and provides hygiene in laundry. It is suitable for all types of white laundries.

Maestrowin NOVACAL POWDER powder chlorine bleach for laundry

Maestrowin NOVACAL POWDER is a powder product that ensures the bleaching of white laundry safely. It can be used in all kinds of white laundry. It does not damage the laundry

Maestrowin NOVOXY liquid oxygen based bleaching agent

Maestrowin NOVOXY is hydrogen peroxide-based liquid bleach specially developed for commercial, hotel and hospital laundry. It can be used safely in all other laundry except nylon fibre.

Maestrowin NOVABIND iron binding agent in washing water

Maestrowin NOVABIND is a liquid detergent with iron retention properties, specially developed bleach for use in commercial laundry, hotel and hospital laundry facilities and similar institutions. It is applied safely in coloured and white laundry.

Maestrowin NOVAPUR Acidic Neutralizer liquid

Maestrowin NOVAPUR is an acidic liquid neutralizer that has been specially developed for use in commercial laundry facilities, especially in hospitals, hotels, restaurant laundry, aprons, roll towels, mops, which removes the residual alkaline detergent residues in laundry. It is also used in the last rinse water with a softener and it prevents yellowing.

Maestrowin DEO OCEAN room and laundry perfume

Maestrowin DEO OCEAN is a room and laundry perfume that eliminates unwanted bad smells and ensures a pleasant and lasting smell.

Maestrowin LDR/T powder laundry detergent

It is a powder washing detergent specially developed for professional laundry. It is used successfully in washing of the hotel laundry, restaurant linen, and hospital and work clothes. It is used safely in all water hardness.