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Laundry Hygiene Products

Maestrowin KYD-T
Bleachless Powder Washing Agent

Product Specifications

The product is a perfume-free main washing powder detergent with adjusted foam which is developed especially for professional laundry rooms.

Advantages of the Product

  • It is safely used in every hardness of water.
  • It is suitable for use in full and semi-automatic washing machines.
  • It can be used with washing aid, chloric and oxygenic bleaching agents.
  • It is effective in every temperature.
  • It is suitable for the washing of white and colored laundry and every type of textile
  • It is suitable for washing cotton, synthetic and fibre blend textile.
  • It provides optimum efficiency at 40°C and above.
  • It does not wear out the laundry even after washing it many times.